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Our Design Process

1. Design Agreement:

After previewing your project and defining the amount of service the Client desires, we will email a Design Agreement with an estimated amount of design hours needed for separate categories (IE; Material Selections, Construction Drawings, etc.). Once we receive the signed Agreement, we will email our Design Survey and schedule the first meeting to start the Design Process.

2. Tape and Photo Meeting:

We will take measurements and Before photos of the space(s) to be remodeled. We will collect the completed Design Survey and go through it with the client to answer any questions and discuss any significant topics.

3. Preliminary Layout:

We will provide a preliminary layout of the space(s) to be remodeled based on our in-person client meetings as well as the Design Survey questions and answers. We will present a couple of options, then work with you to make any tweaks and/or changes to the favorite preliminary layout.

4. Finishes and Fixtures Selections:
We will provide as much or as little help needed based on the amount of service the Client requested. These selections can happen through in-person meetings, through email, or both.

5. Final Layout:

We will finalize the Construction Drawings based on the finishes and materials selected by the Design Team and/or Client.

6. Final Design Meeting and Signoffs:

We will meet in person to go through the spec binder and construction drawings with the Client. The client will sign off on all of the final decisions to complete the Design Process.

7. Estimating:

A detailed labor and a detailed materials proposal will be created based on the final design and selections.

8. Final Signoff and Material Ordering:

Sign and return all proposals and any other requested DRD forms to your DRD designer. A check for the materials total will be collected so that materials can be ordered.

9. Scheduling:

We will create and share a schedule based on the projected arrival date of materials. A meeting will be set up to introduce your project manager and walk them through the final design approximately a week before the project starts.


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